Sunday, May 12, 2013

Who is What in the Fantastical World of Ruatha

I've had a lot of requests from listeners for a written breakdown of Who is What.
So Here you Go.

REMUS, that's who's telling these stories. Chaotic Neutral ranger, afflicted by Lycanthropy. Often angry.

PENDA, a big, evil Draconic warrior with an even bigger rebel yell. So mean he once killed a man, just for snorin' in his sleep.

TAI PHO, a selfish monk with fists of fury and feet like anvils.

ARIANA DOOMFEATHER, a goblin roguette with a poison fetish and the biggest collection of arrows and knives in Ruatha.

RAXAFRAX, a goblin sorcerer of some renown, at least in his own head. Leader of humanoids, arsonist extraordinaire.