Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Hey What's in this Escape Pod and Did it Belong to a Hideous Creature From Another World?

I took part in David Brawley's Random Table Contest and the luck of the die made me a winner. Soon as I post this, I'm off to the casino to play roulette and craps!

Here's a link to the first 4 of 12 tables that David will be posting. This first group helps you decide what kind of tail that one thing has, what the mage uses for magical protection, how that magic missile manifests, and which minor meddling immortal your players will encounter:
Tower of the Archmage Random Tables

I created my table with the escape pod at the end of my adventure, Gold From the Ceiling, in mind. But sometimes you want to do more than just rip out the shiny stuff from the metal hut and sell it to the nearest merchant. Sometimes you want to find and master technology so advanced, it might as well be magic.

An Escape Pod could look like this.


                ROLL 1d6 AND LOOK TO THE STARS!

1.            A big pile of shiny silver material, never before seen. It is covered in strange designs and patches, with a large metal ring on one end. Looking inside the metal ring reveals a mass of green goo inside.  The silver material will not burn and requires high technology or magic to cut. If laid out, it is spherical in shape with multiple long thin “sleeves” emanating from the center.

2.            A large white metallic box. Inside are healing elixirs, pressure injectors, strangely-shaped bottles with pills, medical diagnostic device (looks like a Discman™), and holographic-projected medical assistant (projector looks like a metal drink coaster, assistant looks like a hideous creature). Colorful cards graphically show how a spherical, multi-tentacle green monster with a large bulbous head could use the contents of the box.

3.            Universal Translator. Looks like a 1940s style microphone and stand.

4.            Astrogation Display. Upon approach, the terminal lights up and a holographic image of the galaxy appears. It zooms to the planet the escape pod is on and shows the solar system. Moving your hand around or thinking questioning thoughts makes the display move to different planets in the solar system and then to different galaxies.

5.            Communications Display. Upon approach, the terminal lights up and a holographic, black and white image appears of a planet. The image is staticky and breaks up from time to time, but zooms in to show a bleak, desolate landscape of blasted cities and gray deserts.

6.            Personal Shield Generator. This device is an irregularly shaped, shiny silver clump of metal with a long shallow button on one side of it. Depressing the button generates a form-fitting protective shield around the user, visible in darkness but hard to see in the light. It prevents fast-moving objects from penetrating but does allow slower objects to pass through. Thus it increases AC against projectiles and normally-used melee weapons (a slower-used blade or rolled explosive device will penetrate the shield). The shield reacts violently if struck by rays of energy, be they magic or technological in nature, resulting in a massive explosion that will level a small city and leave deadly radiation in its wake for decades to come.