Saturday, August 13, 2016

Death, Character, and Free Reign

I've been in a Swords and Wizardry Whitebox campaign since last October, which for me, is an extremely long time.  And it's been even longer since I had a character I was invested in die. Permanently dead, not coming back, pushing up daisies, farm bought, sleeping the big sleep.

Despite the fact that I had a new character rolled up in 15 minutes, and a name generated from the NPC Birthing Sac generator (NPC Birthing Sac), I was surprised to feel a little sad about the fictitious passing of my fictitious fighter.  Thanks in part to our excellent GM, Roc the Literate had developed a long and amusing history, with a complex reputation that I'd sullied with a bad Carousing roll.

I think that means both the GM and the players are doing things right. I found myself surprisingly invested in this virtual, dangerously curious arsonist in a way that really made me look forward to the game.  I could picture him in my head, stupidly sticking his hand into summoning circles and igniting expensive linens with oil from his ever-present flask.

Video games are great, and there was a time that I played a lot of them. But at this point I'd much rather have the kind of free reign over my character's actions that only a tabletop role-playing game can offer.

Roc is dead.  Dead is dead.
Long live The New Guy: Thuul-Botha Cinth, the Embodiment of Catharsis!

This song I'm singing here is weirdly appropriate. Just replace "cancer" with "huge poisonous spider"   This Too Shall Pass

I drank a beer in the name of my fictional guy because why not