Wednesday, December 11, 2013

World of Dungeons Meets Warhammer Fantasy: Streets of Marienburg

Streets of Marienburg is a very well-done, good-looking Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay hack of World of Dungeons. Not to be confused with Dungeon World. I know it will be though, so here's the difference:

Dungeon World is a fully detailed game that sells for money. World of Dungeons is an extremely simplified, free version that will leave you filling in a lot of blanks.  Streets of Marienburg fills in some of the crucial info missing in World of Dungeons and somehow manages to capture the Old World feel of Warhammer Fantasy.  It has art, color, and a proper font.  You can download Streets of Marienburg here:

*For a character example, see my Wizard (Wolfgang) at the bottom of this entry.*

In our first adventure, before Hank the Fighter joined us, I was out celebrating the Festival of St. Rudolph with Urgrim the Dwarf and Behjet the Gypsy when we stumbled on to a Skaven and human Cult plot to kill and enslave the entire population of Marienburg. Because Skaven make no small plans. Through a combination of luck, violence, and detective work we were able to defeat the Skaven and come out ahead. Nobody believes us about the Skaven though.

They enjoy curved swords and firearms. And they are mean. 

In our second adventure, Hank the Fighter joined us but we lost Behjet the Gypsy. Hank, Urgrim the Dwarf Shaman and me were given an actual job to do for money, by the Signaler's Guild. On the way to the job we found out the hard way that the evil cultists had put a price on the heads of Urgrim and Wolfgang because of our previous plot-foiling. We escaped and made a mental note to come back and kill them all.

I'm in a hurry, but I'll come back to kill you, Skaven scum.

Oakwood Cross Tower, a signal tower that used light, had stopped signaling. We ran into a band of Gypsies who finally provided some useful knowledge after Hank and Urgrim applied good cop/bad cop techniques, and investigated the tower. The entire thing--and everything in it--had turned into wood. Including the Signaler Technician. With a massive use of magic, Wolfgang was able to reverse the effects and free the Signaler from his wooden prison. Which he'd caused by his attempt to transmit the contents of a page from a mysterious book which had magnified and executed the spell written on that page.

Like this, but made entirely of wood.

Rushing downstairs because the building was in imminent danger of collapse, we were attacked by nature spirits or elementals from the forest nearby. Hank and Urgrim fought them off with blades and fire, until the spirits disappeared after some help from a mysterious old lady we had encountered earlier on the road. She was much more than what she appeared, like many things in the Old World.

The Signal tower lost but the Signaler saved, we returned to Marienburg and a nice payment for services rendered. We all went drinking, but while Hank and Wolfgang kept things under control, Urgrim drank and told tales of his forefathers deep into the night. At which point he was attacked and robbed! Opportunistic thieves? Or evidence of anti-Dwarf sentiment in Marienburg?

A new and hungover day has dawned for our adventurers and we shall see what is in store for them down the road.

CHARACTER CREATION IS EASY AND FUN.  Here is my 3rd Level Wizard:

Wolfgang, Imperial Human. Wolfgang is pale as the driven snow from a lifetime of studying indoors, and has a tendency to mutter to himself constantly. He is a knowledge and events addict, keeping track of events both within the Empire and without. Over time he's decided that he should not be constrained in his use of magic, as he's sure he can control it and will not suffer the effects of touching the Warp. So far he's been right... Wolfgang seeks to grown in power and find, buy, or steal whatever he needs to that end, preferably without killing others, but whatever.

Str: 0, Dex: 0, Const: 0, Int: +3, Wis: +2, Char: 0

Level  3, Current Health: 10
Stamina 2d6
Power Score: 4 (2 Stamina plus Wis)

Career: Arcanist
Skills: Mysteries, Academics, Awareness
Abilities: Wizardry, Sorcery (Sorcery Spells: Righteous Fury, Ghostly Candle, Deception-Charm)
Money: 96 Crowns 
Armaments and Trappings:
Skaven Jazail (long flintlock rifle), d6+2 
Urban clothing, a handful of coins in a purse, lantern on a pole
2 vials Quicksilver