Tuesday, November 29, 2016

A Conan-Inspired Scenario for The Black Hack

I wrote a simple, introductory scenario for The Black Hack roleplaying game.  I've updated it with a map and more detail, but tried to keep it simple and low on description; when I ran it myself, it was fast and full of action.

So here you go: The Black Sword of Shem

The far south-western coast of Zingara, in the hot, bustling, river-port town of Jerida, at a tavern and gambling hall.

The characters have been traveling together, and have blown all their wealth on booze and gambling.  They are hung over, and they are in debt.

The Honorable Senior Magistrate Vilerius arrives to the tavern, of which is he part-owner, with a squad of veteran spearmen.  They surround the party, and the Magistrate holds an improvised court.

"You are in debt.  Debt is not allowed; it is illegal, you are outlaws.  But I won't throw you in prison, indefinitely, if you'll do me a simple favor: head down the coast past Argos, and just over the border to Shem.  Bring me back the Sword of Justice.  Don't return without it.  You can keep anything else you find in the tomb, and I’ll even provide a ship and a guide."

And so it begins.

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