Friday, October 19, 2018

New Games and Old, Tactical and Theater of the Mind


1) I started playing Starfinder, through the Starfinder Society. It's challenging to travel 40 min, meet new people on a rotating basis, and play a game that I'm learning, but generally fun. The lore is interesting, the graphics are amazing, the options are many.  There's a lot of dice-rolling, much more than I'm used to, everything seems to require a skill. The amount of paperwork and accounting is truly epic. Luckily I just look annoyed or confused and someone else does it for me, so that works out fine.

2) My most-downloaded game product is my free Hyborian intro-adventure for The Black Hack. I gave myself 3 months to add some detail and produce 2 maps, before the 2nd ed of Black Hack came out. I failed. Maps and monster stats are hard for me, apparently. Deep sigh.

3) I'm really loving Everywhen, RPG rules powered by Barbarians of Lemuria. I wondered how it would do in a more skirmish-focused game, and it did great. Fast, easy, exciting and still plenty of room for role-playing. Looking forward to 2nd playtest of my Time Trippers game on Saturday.

4) The Fantasy Trip. I enjoy it for the tactical combat, and it produces moments of excitement and humor on a regular basis.  I'm very curious to see what it's like in social situations and exploring an enemy location. I worry it might feel too mechanical.

If you're still reading, the thing I'm thinking about today is whether someone who's blind could play Everywhen: Time Trippers or TFT online. I think Time Trippers is possible--if the GM explained movement and combat options, described the terrain, etc. TFT would be harder I think; it's the opposite of "theater of the mind."  I'd like to test this out sometime.

A board game by SPI in 1978, a setting hack for a role-playing game in 2018

Thursday, September 21, 2017

John Wick, Retired: Ver 2.0

Can you and your fellow Assassins survive being hunted by John Wick? Probably not all of you.  Maybe just one.  Possibly none. 

Version 2.0 includes several optional rules you can add to the game, including a PVP option. This is my reskin of the awesome Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf by Matthew J. McPherson.

Download it here:  John Wick, Retired ver 2.0

By GlebTheZombie on Deviant Art

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

John Wick, Retired

Inspired by a conversation I found online, and wanting badly to play a game set in the world of John Wick, I decided to reskin Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf.  Many thanks to Matthew J. McPherson for his fun, simple framework.  You can play John Wick, Retired as serious or as silly as you want.

Download it here:  John Wick, Retired

Art by abiku009 on Deviant Art

Saturday, December 17, 2016

The 100: the Game Setting

I'm a big fan of the sci-fi post-apocalyptic setting, and The CW's  "The 100" struck me as a particularly good one. I also think it lends itself to a good game world if you expand it to include factions and ruins exploration. Sort of a "The 100" meets "The Morrow Project", "Aftermath!", or even "Gamma World", when played less-gonzo.

So here I present my fan project, just-for-fun, Barbarians of Lemuria: The 100 game! 

This first link takes you to my The 100 Setting Primer, all fluff and pretty pictures, for those who need a refresher on the world or have never seen the show. Spoilers ahead:

The 100: the Game Setting Primer

This link takes you to the master doc with rules for playing in the world of The 100, using the Barbarians of Lemuria rules system:

The 100: the Game

If you've never watched the show, get past the first three episodes and you'll be hooked.  If you're already a fan of the show, I hope the setting I've created here will allow you to run games in the exciting, dangerous world of The 100!

This could be you.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

A Conan-Inspired Scenario for The Black Hack

I wrote a simple, introductory scenario for The Black Hack roleplaying game.  Tried to keep it low on details and description; when I ran it myself, it was fast and full of action.

So here you go: The Black Sword of Shem

The far western coast of Aquilonia, in the hot, bustling, port town of Vanandi, at a tavern and gambling hall.

The characters have been traveling together, and have blown all their wealth on booze and gambling.  They are hung over, and they are in debt.

The Honorable Senior Magistrate Vilerius arrives to the tavern, of which is he part-owner, with a squad of veteran spearmen.  They surround the party, and the Magistrate holds an improvised court.

"You are in debt.  Debt is not allowed.  I won't throw you in prison, indefinitely, if you'll head down the coast, past Zingara and Argos, to Shem.  Bring me back the Sword of Justice.  You can keep anything else you find in the tomb."

And so it begins.