Thursday, December 5, 2013

Apocalypse World: Braceburg Leans into the Psychic Maelstrom

I've played Monster of the Week but didn't have a chance to play the game that the system is based on--Apocalypse World--until recently.  The characters in the game are Niles (the Savvyhead), Brother Bat (the Hocus) and Candy Grip (the Angel).

The labels in parenthesis indicate the type of character they are.
Niles is more than just gifted with machines, he can communicate with them, modify them and make them do things that should be impossible.
Brother Bat is a charismatic, spiritual leader; physically and mentally strong with a large contingent of followers in the settlement.
Candy Grip is the settlement's doctor, concerned with everyone's well-being but often aggravated by people in general and worried that something is trying to kill her. Him. Whatever.

They live in Braceburg, so named after the leader of the settlement, Brace Win.

Green square by river is Nile's van. Two long sheds belong to Brother Bat and his people. Infirmary in the middle with a cross on it for Candy Grip. Building of Danger in foreground.

Brace started off as a big, abusive drunk with a small harem of sister-wives.  Thanks to a highly-motivating speech by Brother Bat, he is still big and abusive but also clear-headed and focused on control of the settlement.  Despite this, Brother Bat's power and influence over the people of the settlement continues to grow at an alarming rate.

Niles has had an unfortunate string of contacts with the Psychic Maelstrom, and is barely holding it together as everything from his toaster to his AK talk to him in distracting and sometimes demanding ways.

Candy was attacked twice by large mutant snakes, increasing Candy's paranoia and general irritation.  Later, Candy had a close encounter of the Postman kind which led to an increase in hospital stock. This came in handy when it was necessary to install a hallucinogen drip in Niles to keep him from going completely nuts. 

Highlights from last session:

Wisher, a waste of a human who had stolen a chicken from Fuze the Chicken Farmer, learned just how much Fuze loved his chickens when Fuze blew his brains out at the communal dinner. Candy narrowly escaped death upon attempting to calm Fuze down, but was rewarded with a new pistol when Brace took it away from Fuze.  Candy and minions recovered Wisher's body and spent the rest of the night chopping it up into medical supplies and spare organs.

Brace confronted Brother Bat about who was in charge, but Brother Bat (as usual) pulled out an epic speech and defused the situation. The effect of the speech was so profound that everyone started confessing to everyone else, intimate details of past transgressions. 

The evening devolved into drunkenness and debauchery. Candy passed on the debauchery but indulged in drunkenness, stupidly using a machine Niles had created to maximize exposure to the Psychic Maelstrom. It did allow Candy to see what Niles was seeing, which was useful. The machine told Niles that Candy smells like black licorice, which thankfully Niles kept to himself.

A persistent threat in the basement of a building left over from before The Apocalypse was dealt with, up to a point. Brother Bat was injured when mutant snakes attacked him, and Candy did a crappy job of patching him up. Niles killed the snakes with his AK, and Brother Bat communicated with a powerful entity that does not seem friendly, but seems to have left the town alone, for now, leaving nothing but prophetic warnings and a bad taste in everyone's mouth.