Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Battle for Obsidian Plateau: Malifaux Multiplayer

I had a chance to play Malifaux recently.  It's a fun, skirmish-level miniatures game set in a creepy world--gothic, steampunk and Victorian horror with a shot of Wild West-- with the most amazing models I've ever seen.  My photography doesn't do them justice, at all, but I'm working on that.

Below, you can see Bill's Guild troops advancing; the little guys under cover of the wall have enormous birds of prey on their arms that can attack indirectly and effectively.  The bold blue-hatted gents heading directly for my troops are deadly with their pistols; longer-ranged and more damaging than mine.

This is a wide-angle view of the battlefield showing my Outcasts, led by the Viktorias, as they quickly advance towards the basalt platform that was everyone's goal. One of my Ronin have already reached it and laid claim.  If you look around you can see Joe's powerful Arcanists led by Rasputina approaching from the top, using the arched building for cover; notice the enormous construct by the opening.  Mick's Resurrectionists led by Nicodem can be seen creeping up from the top right--one of them stands ready to clock opponents with a shovel.

Here we see the board from the opposite side, with a clearer picture of Mick's necromantic Resurrectionist forces approaching from the bottom left, while Joe's blue Arcanist creatures approach from the bottom right. They can also be seen tangling with Bill's other Guild troops, led by Witch Hunter Samuel Hopkins, in the top right of the picture.

It was a long, hard fight; I thought I had victory sealed up until I made a bad tactical move, pulling one of my strong Sister units from the middle of the platform (where she counted as 2 models) in a futile attack on Joe's huge construct.  Mick took the opportunity to move a strong unit into the center to win the round.  I was able to flood the platform with units but lost several when the construct exploded upon its destruction. The game was called in my favor, but it would have been a close thing, had we battled it out deeper into the evening.

I'm working on a band of Guild Relic Hunters because I want to play again, using my own warband.  Once I have it assembled and painted I'll post a few pictures.