Monday, January 5, 2015

One Possible Bastion for Into the Odd

I want to keep +Noah Stevens concept for the City of Bastion percolating, as I thought it worked very well for the episode that I was in. 

We approached by airship and it turned out that Bastion was a multi-level metropolis who's smells and vapors extended far into the sky, and far below ground.

Yeah that's a fin up top. And it's not to scale either!

I made an arcology that looks like a Chilean torta!

This child-like drawing helped me keep track of where we were, roughly, when we played the game.

The Frothing Gates are disgusting from what I remember, composed of swirling, falling sewage.

The Sky District had the best air but the worst red tape; customs and tax officials, backed up by armed guards. Luckily, they are amenable to a nice bribe.

The Voracious Crab-Birds are a constant threat to travelers, despite their impressive plumage and inspiring wing-span.  Guns and rockets are your best bet against them, but if they get in close, you can knife them like it's lunchtime at County.

The Temple District is a life-saver if you're trying to ditch the law, and it's pretty fun, too. Many gods, many temples, pilgrims, hustlers, robe-stands and henna application specialists abound! Obviously, keep an eye on your money at all times.